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We help startups in Mentoring, Tech Support & Fundraising

We work with Startups, doing whatever is necessary for as long as necessary to ensure that each and every Idea achieves the operating milestones required for the next rounds of financing and scaling up. Our hands on, boutique approach allows to achieve extraordinary success rates & helps Startups and ideas to launch in Indian & European Market with a perfect team to support at every Stage.

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Driving innovation by connecting the brightest minds

-To create a whole self-sustainable community of startups where each startup can scale to their dreams.

-To develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills, to promote a culture of entrepreneurship.

-To connect Startups & Investors of India & Europe by Bridging the gap between both ecosystems.

Empowering the Startup communities

-To bridge the Gap between startups & Investors of India & the World and create aperfect ecosystem for the startups of this era.

-To empower the entrepreneurial community and build networks that drive collaboration and strengthen entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Our Team

Harsh Patel

- Director

Deep Patel

- President

Aayush Katiyar

- Startup Advisor

Abhishek Reddy

- Chief Manager

Gungeet Josan

- Startup Manager (Australia)

Umesh Patel

- Startup Mentor (Founder of Reviews Refined)

Hansit Patel

- Startup Mentor (Founder of Medizoc)

Vaibhav Chaporkar

- Startup Mentor (Founder of NextGen Plus)

Riya Desai

- Program Manager

Aditi Sharma

- Creative Head